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Banteay Srei temple is the leading attraction in Banteay Srei District, a beautiful temple known as the ‘Jewel of Angkor’ thanks to its exquisite carvings, some of the finest seen anywhere in Asia. This is the place that, quite literally, puts Banteay Srei on the map.

Temple - Banteay Srei District

The 12th century temple of Banteay Samre has been impressively restored and is a counterpart to the larger and more celebrated Angkor Wat. Many visitors combine Banteay Samre and Banteay Srei on a visit to the district. It’s not exactly a temple, but Kbal Spean is a very important holy site thanks to the ‘River of a Thousand Lingas’ where the riverbed has been venerated with hundreds of stone lingas. One of the few accessible jungles Treks around Angkor, this site is popular for visitors seeking adventure in Banteay Srei District.

Phnom Bok is home to one of the least visited Angkorian temples in the region, but the views over Banteay Srei District from this hilltop temple are spectacular. There is a steep climb to reach the summit, so it is best to avoid the midday sun.

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