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The Cambodia Landmine Museum (CLM; is the most popular non-temple activity in Banteay Srei District. An introduction to the work of Aki Ra and the scourge of landmines in Cambodia, it is a very educational experience for visitors with an interest in contemporary history. The museum houses a large collection of mines, mortars and other weaponry from Cambodia’s long civil war and includes a mock minefield for visitors to spot the dangers. CLM is open from 7.30am to 5pm daily and the requested donation is US$5 per person. Proceeds from the museum are used for landmine awareness campaigns and a rehabilitation and training facility.

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Tani Ceramics Museum is a small centre to showcase the pottery from the Angkor era. The site includes kilns that were once used to produce pottery for the Khmer empire and costs US$1 to enter.

Cooking classes are a popular activity in Siem Reap for visitors that want to learn more about Cambodian cuisine. Some local homestays offers informal cooking classes, but language and communication can sometimes be an issue. The ‘nam ben chok’ noodle stalls of Preah Dak offer an immersive cooking experience in partnership with the homestays in Preah Dak village.

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