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Banteay Srei District is made up of living, breathing communities engaged in traditional agricultural lifestyles which can be a fascinating glimpse of local life for visitors from non-tropical countries.

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Banteay Srei has a variety of farms. Most farmers are engaged in rice growing which is seasonal but visitors will be interested in all cycles of the production process from planting to harvesting. Other crops include a variety of tropical fruits and local herbs and spices. One of the biggest farms in Banteay Srei District, Happy Dragon has already received many visitors over the years.

The manufacture of sugar palm products is a cottage industry in Banteay Srei District and the sugar palm tree remains a potent symbol of Cambodia. The process of production is interesting for visitors, although it helps to have a tour guide on hand to explain the process. Skor Pen candy is a popular local delicacy produced from the sugar palm.

Ox carts remain a traditional form of transport in rural Cambodia and experiencing an ox cart ride is a traditional lifestyle experience for visitors. Short village rides are a good way to see village life.

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