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Cambodia’s tradition of artisanship is exemplified by the incredible bas-relief carvings on the Temples of Angkor and its intricate statuary. There are several handicraft enterprises in Banteay Srei District, including basket weaving in Preah Dak Village, sugar palm wood carving, Khmer Nokor leather shadow puppets and Bayon Smile wood carvings.

Handicraft - Banteay Srei District

Basket weavers in Preah Dak Village produce small woven souvenirs such as baskets and trays which are light to transport and locally-produced keepsakes. The wood of the sugar palm tree has a nice texture and makes nice place mats, drinks mats, small trays and other household items. Households that make palm wine and skor pen candy also sell hand-carved sugar palm wood.

Leather shadow puppets are a popular traditional form of entertainment in Cambodia and are easy to transport home as wall hangings. Khmer Nokor sells handmade puppets featuring traditional scenes from daily life. Bayon Smile produces high-quality wood-carvings, including Buddha statues, Hindu Gods, King Jayavarman VII and more. They have a workshop in Banteay Srei village and a small shop at Banteay Srei Temple.

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