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Banteay Srei Temple lies about 32km from Siem Reap town. Attractions in the district range from 15km (Preah Dak Village) to about 50km (Kbal Spean) from town and there are a variety of transport options available to visitors. Don't forget to factor in the weather to your planning, as Cambodia has three distinct seasons: the cool season (November-February), the hot season (March-May) and the wet season (June-October). Some forms of transport aren't really appropriate in the wet season months. Note that the tropical sun is strong all year round, so wear plenty of sunscreen, particularly if riding a bicycle or travelling by motorbike.


Banteay Srei is too far from Siem Reap to consider walking, but there are plenty of walks once in the district, including village and countryside walks to learn about local life and some jungle treks to holy mountains such as Kbal Spean and Phnom Kulen.


It is possible to cycle to Banteay Srei District for the day or for overnight stays. There are good quality imported mountain bikes available for rent in Siem Reap town, as well as Green e-bikes that include an electric battery if you are feeling tired in the heat. Bicycles are also available for rent from some homestays in the district, which is a convenient option for exploration under your own steam.


Motorbikes aren't officially available for rent to foreigners in Siem Reap. However, motos (motorbike taxis) are widely available for rent with a motodup (motorbike driver). Many of these drivers are knowledgeable and can also give you some background on the temples in Banteay Srei District, acting as an unofficial tour guide. It is possible that some of the homestay owners can provide a moto for travel between sights in Banteay Srei.

Remork-Moto (Tuk-Tuk)

A remork-moto is a motorbike with a canopied trailer attached to the back and is also known as a tuk-tuk by some travelers or a remork for short. These are the most popular form of transport for independent travelers and provide some protection from the elements. Some remork drivers can also act as unofficial tour guides and know the area well. There are a handful of remork-moto drivers who know the district and work with some of the homestays here.

Private Car

Private taxis or cars are available for hire through guesthouses, hotels and travel agents in Siem Reap. They are a useful option for a family or for those people who want a little more protection from the elements. Private cars can be used for transfers from Siem Reap to Banteay Srei or for a day of sightseeing in the district. Homestay owners may also be able to arrange a private car to explore the area.


A minibus is a useful option for families or small groups of travelers exploring Banteay Srei District. Seating up to 10 people, a minibus is a cost-effective way to explore the area. Guesthouses, hotels and travel agents in Siem Reap can assist in arranging a minibus for one day or for a longer customized itinerary.

A Fair Fare

Banteay Srei Homestay District organizers do not pay commissions to transport operators who bring guests to the homestays. If planning to overnight in a homestay, speak to Banteay Srei transport operators about a moto, tuk-tuk or car, as the driver will be local to Banteay Srei District. See Useful Contacts in Banteay Srey for names and numbers.

Sample fares from Siem Reap to Banteay Srei include:

  • Moto to and around Banteay Srei per day: US$10-15
  • Remork-moto to and around Banteay Srei District per day: US$15-25
  • Private car/taxi to and around Banteay Srei District per day: US$35-50

* Price ranges are based on distance and numbers, as some destinations like Preah Dak Village and Banteay Samre Temple are only 15-20km from Siem Reap, while destinations such as Kbal Spean are 50km away.

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